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Site for Moolchand Hospital

Site for Moolchand Hospital

As one of India’s first of all calls in healthcare, Moolchand has been adjusting standards for the past half century. For over 5 decades it has been offering healthcare services to three generations of Enjoys with care and dedication. Moolchand Hospital is to create a really unique institution that delivers world-beating healthcare with a conscience of trust. As a result Moolchand has constructed a prominent legacy of touching people’s lives. Millions of someone’s owe a debt of gratitude to and share a special bond with Moolchand due to its unparalleled legacy of philanthropy. The official website of Moolchand Hospital is moolchandhealthcare.com.

Historically Moolchand Trust has been established from the profits of the Moolchand Group in keeping with their philosophy of serving to create a improve world. Moolchand’s respects and focus of serving others is a testimony to the extraordinary courage and care of its past leaders. The scopes of Moolchand Trust pondered the ideals of Lala Moolchand and his son Lala Khairati Ram. Their rich religious legacy continues. Moolchand Hospital is centered on delivering the very better care to each patient by our team of outstanding, patient friendly and ethical physicians and care suppliers.

Contact Address

Moolchand Hospital
Lajpat Nagar III
(Near Moolchand Metro Station),
New Delhi 110 024, India

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