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Music Production Colleges in Mumbai

Music Production Colleges in Mumbai

Mumbai is densely populated city which is situated in western India on the coast of the Arabian Sea. Music colleges in Mumbai teach a variety of music in different kinds of music colleges. Mumbai Film Academy and Sai Nanak College of Music are Music Production Colleges set up in Mumbai with main aim of providing special music instruction in a fun and exciting learning environment that inspires active participation.

Academic Courses offered by Sai Nanak College of Music:
Learn Music with Staff Notations.
Learn Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Electric, Drums, Electronic V Drums, Octopad, Violin with Notes
Each Level: 48 hrs Class / 6 months
Renewal: every 6 months/ 48 classes.
(5-7 years learning)

Sai Nanak College of Music
1st floor, Shiv Sadan,
Plot-9a, Sector-9, Vashi,
Navi Mumbai: 4000705

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