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MDS University Ajmer Syllabus B.Sc

MDS University Ajmer Syllabus B.Sc 2011

B.Sc. Biotechnology Syllabus 2010-11
The course covers how life began on earth (Cosmogenesis & Evolution), what are
The molecules of Life (Biochemistry, Molecular Biology), what is the structure of life
(Cytology & Developmental Biology), how life continues (Principles of Genetics,
Molecular Biology) how is it maintained (Comparative physiology, Biophysics), how
Does it respond to the environment (Ecology & Environmental Biotechnology), how
Organisms interact with each other (the offense & defence), how mathematics helps
Biology (elementary mathematics & Biostatistics), what aids we need to study organisms
(Biophysics, Biotechniques), how life may be manipulated (Genetic Engineering), what
Organisms offer us and how they might be turned into factories (Microbial, Plant,
Animal resources & technology, Fermentation Technology)
Scheme of Examination
There are 6 theory papers per year dedicated to biotechnology and allied sciences each carrying maximum 50 marks in biotechnology. Each year there will be a combined practical examination of 150 marks for biotechnology. Along with these 6 papers every year, regular 3 papers of Chemistry being run in B.Sc. Botany, Zoology, Chemistry group shall be essential for all students opting for B.Sc. Biotechnology course.
Each theory paper is divided into three units. Question paper for each theory
Paper will have three sections: Part A, B and C.
Part A (Maximum 10 marks) will have 10 questions of 1 mark each, all of which must be attempted by the candidate. This question will have at least three questions set from each unit of the course contents of the paper. Word limit for the answers is 20 only. Part B (Maximum 10 marks) of the question paper will have 5 compulsory Questions. A minimum of 1 question will be asked from each unit of the course content of the paper. Each question will carry 2 marks. Word limit for the answer is 50 only.
Part C (Maximum 30 marks) will have total 3 questions, one from each unit of the course content of the paper. Each question will carry 10 marks and will have one choice from the same unit. Word limit for the answer to each question is 400 only. A combined practical examination (Maximum 150 marks with break up as below) shall be conducted at the end of each year.
a. Experimental work (Max. marks 100, 10 hrs. duration, to be completed in two days) shall be performed by each candidate as per the question paper set on the basis of prescribed course of practical* each year as mentioned in the syllabus (*concerned department depending upon the facilities available with them can modify syllabus up to a maximum of 10%).
b. Date wise, signed record (maximum 30 marks) of the experiments conducted by each student throughout the academic session shall be placed by him/her before the examining panel on the day of practical examination.
c. Viva voce 20 marks.
The number of paper and the maximum marks for each paper together with the minimum marks required for a pass are shown against each subject below. It will be necessary for a candidate to pass in the theory as well as the practical part of subject/ paper separately. First division will be awarded at >60% marks and second division at
>48% marks of the aggregate marks obtained in all the three parts of B.Sc. Biotechnology.
All the rest shall be declared to have passed the examination, if they obtain minimum passing marks in each subject as mentioned. No division shall be awarded at Part I and
Part II.

Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University, Ajmer, Rajasthan
Pushkar Bye Pass

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    when will B.S.c biotech results 2011 come

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      syllabus of b.sc. 1st year science

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