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MA Clinical Psychology Mumbai

MA Clinical Psychology Mumbai

Courses offered
The Department extends MA, PhD, and Advanced Diploma courses
The department extends M.A. course in psychology. The M.A. Part I provide chance to carry out rigors study theoretical aspect of psychology whereas M.A. II introduces an exiting world of applied specializations. Students study one of the four specializations namely clinical, counseling, industrial and social in M.A. II.

It involves in-depth and advanced study of theoretical papers of psychology. Students acquire skills of intervention that are useful in any area of psychology. They involve skills from insight-oriented, cognitive, humanistic and several other approaches. Cognitive and neuropsychological aspects of human thinking are also studied at advanced level. Attempt to develop the understanding of research methods and statistics between them is made, which is crucial to any psychologist for making contribution to the knowledge fund in the field. Students are encouraged to design and carry out experiments and testing in the laboratory to obtain and refine these skills. Apart for this, students are also required to make presentations in seminars on various advanced topics.

Students have to choose one of the four specializations viz. clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial and organizational psychology and social psychology.

Clinical Psychology:

This is group A. Students find skills of assessment, diagnosis and therapy during this one year. Students also practice these skills with clients from various hospitals. They learn to use and interpret several psychological tests like Rorschach, MMPI, BGT, WAIS and many others for assessment and diagnostic purposes. An in-depth understanding of psychopathology, etiology and symptomatology, is developed between them. The paper on therapeutics provides a chance to study several therapeutic approaches. The skills and knowledge they have obtained are practiced with the clients in the hospitals as a part of fieldwork. Students are required to write file about the cases they have handled on the field and carry out research project.

University of Mumbai
M.G. Road
Mumbai-400 032

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