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Linguistic Delhi

Linguistic Delhi

Department of Linguistics of Delhi University is one of the most acclaimed centers of learning and teaching in linguistics in the country. Department of Linguistics has 8 faculty members. Department of Linguistics directs field-tours for the students of department each year to collect data on different languages. Department of Linguistics has gathered good data-base on tribal languages of northeastern India.

Programs offered by Department of Linguistics of Delhi University:
Doctors of Philosophy in Linguistics
Masters of Philosophy in Linguistics
Masters of Arts in Linguistics
Diploma in Linguistics
Advance Diploma in Linguistics

Department of Linguistics
Arts Faculty Extension Building,
University of Delhi,
DELHI 110 007 India
Phone: 91-11-7666390 / 7666676,
Fax: 91-11-7666390,

    Posted 5 years ago

    Hello,Don’t think of such a category / quota in DPS shcools. But management always would have discretion in allotting some seats. Try to contact directly at the school. The school may be following lottery system for nursery admissions.

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