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Inhalation Therapy in Asthma

Inhalation Therapy in Asthma

Inhalation therapy is considered to be the most effective, safe and cost effective of all therapy for asthma related problems. The cause of asthma attack being hereditary, pollution, allergy, eczema and smoking, are usually brought about by the trigger which then cause the symptoms of asthma. Inhalation therapy is the taking of drugs into the body by breathing. The inhaler machines helps the patient to stay away from severe asthma attacks. Inhalation therapy can be done by the following methods.

Spacer Devices
Powder Inhalers
Spray Inhalers

Some of the drugs which are used for inhalation therapy are
Relievers:- ipratropium, salbutamol, terbutaline
Controllers:- salmeterol, beclomethasone, cromoglycate, formoterol, budesonide, fluticasone.

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