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Flow Charts for C Programs for JNTU

Flow Charts for C Programs for JNTU

Flow Charts for C Programs for JNTU is a graphical representation of algorithmic program. It is used to represent algorithm steps into graphical format. It also gives us and thought to prepare the sequence of steps or events necessary to solve a problem with the computer. In other words flow charts are symbolic diagrams of operations and the sequence, data flow, control flow and processing logic in information working. These charts are used to understand any working sequence of the program.

Benefits of flowchart for C Programs for JNTU:-
It provides the way of modification of running program.
It represents the data flow.
It checks the accuracy in logic flow.
It provides the facility for coding.
It documents the steps followed in an algorithm.
It provides a clear overview of the entire program and problem and solution.
It provides an easy way of communication because any other person besides the programmer can understand the way they are represented.

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