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CBSE Class X Soc Science Solved

CBSE Class X Soc Science Solved

CBSE Class X Soc Science Solved 2011

Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi has changed the Question Paper of Social Science of class 10th. The Latest Design of Question Paper with the unit wise distribution of marks has been given here.

Social Science Class – X (CBSE)

You are on questions of Set I
Q1. What is referred to as `paper partition’ in the colonization of Africa? (2)
Q2. Name the political parties of Russia that represented the industrial workers. How did they differ in their policies? (2)
Q3. Which were the countries that signed the Anti-comintern pact? Why was this pact signed? (2)
Q4. Mention any two aims of the Wood’s Despatch? (2)
Q5. Describe how the Moroccan Crises led to the First World War? (4)
Q5. Describe the effects of the First World War on Austria – Hungary? (4)
Q6. Why was the Spanish Civil War fought? Why did it assume international significance? (4)
Q6. Trace the events after the end of the Second World War that led to the Cold War? (4)
Q7. Explain the ills of Indian society in the eighteenth century? (4)
Q7. Explain the contribution of Swami Vivekananda to the Indian reform movement? (4)
Q8. Trace the main changes that have taken place in Germany after the Second World War? (6)
Q8. Trace the many changes of historical importance that have taken place in the Soviet Union in recent years? (6)
Q9. Evaluate the influence of socialist ideas on the Indian National Movement? (6)
Q9. Assess the importance of the Civil Disobedience Movement in the Indian Freedom struggle? (6)
Q10. On the given outline map of India, mark the following: (3)
(i) The place where Prathana Samaj was founded?
(ii) The headquarters of the Theosophical Society?
(iii)The place where the Mohammedan Anglo-Orienal College was established?
Q10. On the outline map of the world, mark any the countries that were responsible for starting the Non-aligned Movement? (3)

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