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Bio Medical Engineering Syllabus in Anna University 2011

Bio Medical Engineering Syllabus in Anna University 2011

Anna University is a first technical university in Tamil Nadu, India, with a focus on higher education in engineering, technology and applied sciences. Anna University was formed in 1978, as a united university that incorporated four technical institutions in the city of Chennai adding the College of Engineering, Guindy, founded in 1794, and Madras Institute of Technology, founded in 1949, which extended the first engineering degrees in India.

Bachelor of Engineering (Biomedical Engineering) Syllabus – Regulation Syllabus:
First Year – Theory Syllabus
HS2111 Technical English Syllabus
MA2111 Engineering Mathematics Syllabus
PH2111 Engineering Physics Syllabus
CY2111 Engineering Chemistry Syllabus
BM2101 Human Anatomy and Physiology Syllabus
EC2112 Electrical Network and Electron Devices Syllabus
GE2111 Computer Programming Syllabus
GE2112 Engineering Graphics Syllabus
First Year – Practicals Syllabus
PH2112 Physics Laboratory Syllabus
CY2112 Chemistry Laboratory Syllabus
GE2113 Engineering Practices Laboratory Syllabus
IInd Semester – Theory
HS2161 Technical English II Syllabus
MA2161 Mathematics II Syllabus
PH2161 Engineering Physics II Syllabus
CY2161 Engineering Chemistry II Syllabus
EE2151 Circuit Theory Syllabus
GE2152 Basic Civil & Mechanical Engineering Syllabus
IInd Semester – Practicals
GE2155 Computer Practice Laboratory II Syllabus
GS2165 Physics & Chemistry Laboratory II Syllabus
EE2155 Electrical Circuits Laboratory Syllabus
English Language Laboratory Syllabus

Anna University
Tamil Nadu,

    Posted 6 years ago

    currently i am doing 12th standard. i want to know the list of colleges offering bio-medical course in tamil nadu.

      Posted 6 years ago

      current biomedical engineering syllabus in anna university coimbatore

        Posted 5 years ago

        syllabus for for complete semester

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