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BCA Syllabus from IGONU 2011

BCA Syllabus from IGONU 2011

The BCA provides an understanding and skills related to the use of computer and its application. The basic objective of the program is to open a channel of admission for computing courses for students, who have done the 10+2 and are interested in taking computing as a career. After acquiring the Bachelors Degree (BCA) at IGNOU, there is a further educational opportunity to go for an MCA at IGNOU or Masters Program at other Universities.

Candidates should have passed 10+2 with Mathematics as a distinct subject. Those who have not studied mathematics as a distinct subject at 10+2 level will have to register for both MTE-03 and CIC along with 1st semester of BCA. Such students have to successfully complete CIC and MTE-03 before registering for the 3rd semester of the BCA program.

The program structure for BCA is:
I Semeter
CS-610 Foundation Course in English for Computing
FHS-01 Foundation Course in Humanities and Soical Sciences
CS-611 Computer Fundamentals and PC Software

II Semeter
CS-612 PC Softawre Application Skills
CS-60 Foundation Course in Mathematics and Computing
CS-62 ‘C’ Programming & Data Structure

III Semeter
FST Foundation Course in Science and Technology
CS-63 Introduction to System Software
CS-05 Elements of System Analysis and Design

IV Semeter
CS-06 Introduction to DBMS
CS-64 Introduction to Computer Organization
CS-65 Window Programming
CS-66 Multimedia

V Semester
CS-68 Computer Networks
CS-69 TCP/IP Programming
CS-70 Introduction to Software Engineering
CS-72 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques

VI Semester
CS-72 C++ and Object Oriented Programming
CS-73 Theory of Computer Science
CS-74 Introduction to Internet Programming (Java, ActiveX)
CS-75 Intranet Administration
CS-76 Project

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Details
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068
New Delhi

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