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BARC question paper Electronics

Question : I am going to sit in the BARC recruitment exam so I need old paper of Electronics for preparation. Please give me the paper so that I can do preparation.

The BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre) was incepted on January 3, 1954. The centre conducts recruitment exam when it requires. As you asked for its Electronics paper so here are some questions:

1. Matched pair of transistors is particularly useful for

A) Differential amplifier B) High gain amplifier
C) High input impedance amplifier D) Low output impedance amplifier

2. Magnetic flux density can be measured by using

A) ,Q, meter B) AC voltmeter C) Hall probe D) Energy meter

3. In closed loop type of A/D conversion the fastest technique is :

A) Successive Approximation B) Flash
C) Dual slope integration D) Counter-ramp

Source : BARC Question Paper

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