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Amniotic Fluids in Pregnancy

Amniotic Fluids in Pregnancy

Amniotic fluid is the liquid that help the baby in the womb for its growth and is part of the baby’s life support system. It plays a crucial role in a baby’s development of the baby. The amniotic fluid does several jobs:

It protects the baby against infection
Helps in protecting the baby from being
It helps the baby’s lungs and digestive system to mature

There are two kinds of situation that can occur in the abnormality on the amniotic fluid
(1) High level of amniotic fluid
(2) Low level of amniotic fluid

Both the conditions are not appreciated in mothers. High level of amniotic fluid can cause Premature rupture of the membranes (PROM), abruption of the Placenta, Preterm labor and delivery, IUGR conditions, Stillbirth, Cesarean delivery and Postpartum hemorrhage
While low level of amniotic fluids can cause to have a premature birth, or if the amniotic fluid level get so low then the baby can compress the umbilical cord and starve himself of oxygen.

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